3 Reasons to Record Conference Calls

That recording features that most conferencing services have can be very helpful for future reference. Here are a few ideas.

1.) Provide the link to the recording to those that have missed the call.
After the call send out a quick email with the recording of the call. That way those that missed the call, or perhaps those that weren’t paying enough attention can hear the call again. It also is great to review as the moderator to listen to yourself to find out what you can do to improve your presentations.

2.) Record your training calls.
This should save some time for the trainers. It’s a good way to deal with employee training, customer training and more.

3.) Record customer calls.
This can be helpful for later review to see how you and your company can help improve customer communications.

There are many other reasons to record conference calls. Let us know in the comments why you would record your conference calls for reference.


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