About Us

In business for 14 years, we started providing communications and messaging services for companies and grew by building our customer base and adding services that helped business streamline their communications needs. We branched out and are now a leading Conference Call Service Provider in Canada for over 10 years.


We’ve learned that the best way to keep customers for the long term is to provide the best pricing and best service. If you are happy with our pricing and services, we know you’ll stick around and that’s what we want. A long term business relationship with you and your company. Companies are comprised of people that are working towards building a profitable and strong organization. We understand that and want to provide you and your company with the tools you need so you can communicate with your employees, customers, partners and stakeholders. To communicate with them using the best and most trusted conferencing technologies.



Trusted Technologies

Your conferencing service has to work reliably, you have to be happy with the price too. We’ve all experienced technical glitches with technology. Since we are in the trenches everyday communicating with old and new customers, we have gained the experience and knowledge to know what technologies and services will work the best for you and your company. By sharing that experience and information, we hope to build a trusted business relationship.

We're Available

Try calling us anytime, if you’re a new customer or a long time customer we will go out of our way to talk to you. 1-877-234-8138