Best Conference Call Service for Canadians

Why choose a Conference Call Canada as a provider?

  • We bill in Canadian dollars (CAD$) – No unnecessary exchange fees
  • No US taxes and USF Fees – Just USF alone adds another 17% to your bill. What’s the USF fee you ask. It’s the Universal Service Fund. A US telecommunications tax regulated by the FCC in the US. You will have no choice if you’re billed from a US company providing telecommunications services. Yes, even if you are in Canada. Other US State and Federal taxes may apply depending on where the carrier is located in the US.
  • No extra charges for mobile users when calling to / or from the USA – This will depend on the mobile carrier and which package the caller is on. In most cases, if you call the USA from Canada the caller will get billed for international calling.
  • No surcharges for calling across the borders – Some Conferencing providers will charge a premium or add additional surcharges if you are calling into the US from Canada.
  • Can the Toll-Free number be accessed from Canada? – Some Toll-Free numbers cannot be accessed from Canada.

For example, if your bill from a US provider is $100, by the time you add the exchange, USF and taxes your the same as well above the rates Conference Call Canada is charging.

X 17% USF fees
X 10% estimated other US taxes
X 1.35 exchange rate (may change – based on today’s rate.)
X 2% credit card fees or bank fees for the exchange or wire transfer to the US.
= CAD$174 total (estimated) Fees will vary from state/carrier/exchange and other variables.

Keep in mind it’s more than just the exchange fees you’ll be paying. Anywhere from 60 to 75% more than the US$ price you see posted.

Dave Roitner

Dave Roitner

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