Choosing the Best Audio Conferencing Service for Canadians

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Most conferencing service companies are based out of the United States. This creates a challenge for us Canadians when choosing a Conference Call Service.

This can mean unexpected surcharges from the US conferencing provider. There may also be extra charges to your phone bill from your telecommunications provider. Especially mobile phone carriers.

Here are a few things to consider

Do they add surcharges for callers dialling in from Canada or from other locations?

Is billing in Canadian dollars or US dollars?

Are you going to choose a toll-free service or a toll service? If you choose a toll-free service, are there surcharges to dial in from Canada?

Is the Toll Free service accessible from them within Canada. Some toll-free numbers are not accessible from within Canada.

With toll based services you are quite often dialing into a US phone number. Canadian mobile carriers can charge exorbitant amounts to call into US numbers. This is one way to make a customer or caller unhappy when he sees his phone bill.

Remember to read the fine print, the terms and conditions, etc..

And most of all, be careful when getting locked into a contract.

Give us a call, we’re in Canada. We deal with US and Canadian conferencing services and providers all the time. We can suggest or provide conference call services that are best for us Canadians. eh! 🙂

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