How to increase participation in conference calls

Getting distracted in conference calls can be a problem sometimes. People checking email, eating lunch, surfing the web or whatever they can do to multi-task. This means that they are not really paying full attention when they should to your call. Here are some ways to help keep awake during your calls.

  1. Prepare for the call and ask them to prepare for their part. – Let them know in advance you WILL be calling on them to speak. Send out the agenda in advance with the details of what you are expecting them to talk about. Introduce them.
  2. Ask questions – If they know you are asking questions during the call they will be more involved.
  3. Ask them not to multitask while on the call – A simple reminder can help a lot.
  4. Keep it brief – Get to the point. Move to call forward quickly.
  5. Keep all speakers focused. – Don’t let someone ramble on, ask them to summarize or let them know they only have a minute or two left to get their message across to everyone.
  6. Assign action items at the end of the call – Then follow up with an email.

Hopefully some of these ideas will help to keep your conference calls engaging and on track. What do you do to increase participation on conference calls?


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