How to Manage a Large Conference Call

There are several types of conferencing services available. The operator assisted calls and the reservationless calls. In this case we’re going to talk about managing a large conference call on the reservationless conference call services.

It’s one thing doing a conference call with five or 10 people, but if your conference calls get much larger maybe 20 or even up to 300 attendees on the reservationless conference services call it can be much different to manage than the smaller call. It’s not necessarily more difficult to manage it’s just different to manage.

The most important part of all this is preparation. This is not something you should wing-it for.

On large conference calls background noise tends to be a bigger issue so the most important thing you can do is mute your participants.

Learn how to mute and on mute all callers. Also provide any other speakers the command so that they can mute and unmute their line when it’s their turn to speak and then mute it again once they finish speaking. Most conferencing services have different commands from mute, unmute and mute all.

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  1. I find it best if the presenter has an assistant that manages the call and the presenter just does the presenting.

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