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Billing Information

For invoicing and credit approval
Include any office extensions

500 MINUTE PLAN for $39 monthly
125 Participant Capacity
7.9¢ / Per Minute Overage
6 month commitment
Free Training
24/7 Support

1400 MINUTE PLAN for $99 monthly
125 Participant Capacity
6.9¢ / Per Minute Overage
6 month commitment
Free Training
24/7 Support

5000 MINUTE PLAN for $199 monthly
125 Participant Capacity
4¢ / Per Minute Overage
6 month commitment
Free Training
24/7 Support


Frequently Asked Questions


Pre-Sales Questions

Once approved, from 24 to 48 hours.

No problem, we’re here to help. Call us at 1-877-234-8138 or 604-243-4442 or email us from our contact page. We’ll provide as much training as you need and guide you step by step to setting up your first call.

Yes, our system can integrate with most popular web conferencing services. We also can provide you with a variety of web conferencing services at competitive rates. Just ask us and we’ll guide you.

Conference call participants will dial in to your conference by dialling a toll-free number such as a 1-800 number. There will be no long distance charges for the participants calling in from Canada or the USA. The conference account owner will be billed per minute for each caller as per the plan you chose.

You can have as many hosts or moderator accounts as you need for each company account. That means that each person in your company could have their own dial in number and passcode at no additional charge

General Usage Questions

Yes, you can record your calls with the press of a key command or a mouse click on our desktop app. An MP3 or WAV file will be available for download after your call. A dial-in number will be provided should wish to call in and listen to it over the phone.

Our services are reservationless, meaning you never need to make a reservation with us or contact us to let us know you are making a call. Your dial-in number and passcode will always be active and ready for use anytime.

Send the call participants the time of the call, the dial-in number and participant passcode. We also have Outlook and desktop apps that will create the email for you. All you have to do is send it.

We have dial-in numbers in over 90 countries worldwide. People can join the same conference by dialing a local number in their Country. These numbers will be provided on sign up.

You will also get a US or Canadian Toll based number should someone need to dial-in via a Toll number.

Yes, we have mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices and desktop apps for Mac and PC. The apps allow you to start the call, see who is on the call, dial-out and much more

Billing Questions

Yes, most of our clients are billed monthly. You can also keep a credit card on file should you choose.

We can provide summarized or detailed billing. Breaking down each callers time and where they dialed in from. Departmental and Individual billing is available. Invoice can be mailed or you can have access to our billing portal for full account management. 

That’s ok, we can send the bill to other countries.